This was one of my final photoshoots in Pensacola before my husband and I embark on a new adventure in San Diego, California.

I had the honor of capturing Kelsey and Adam's maternity photos for their first baby. :)

There's nothing more beautiful than the glow of a mother-to-be!! But pair that with the glow and colors of the most stunning sunrise I have ever witnessed in Pensacola, you get these movie-like, ethereal photos that I will forever be drooling over!!

The morning was absolutely stunning; The water was incredible and the sky was painted in golden hues and different shades of pinks. It felt like the beach was putting on a welcome show for baby girl.

Throughout the photoshoot, Adam would often step back and gaze at Kelsey as she held her belly. It was the sweetest thing. He would pull out his phone and take videos and photos of her for himself and it put the biggest smile on my face. And who could blame him when his wife is looking like an absolute goddess-mermaid!! Together their genuine laughter, excited whispers, and contagious smiles brought an infectious energy to the session.

This magical session not only celebrated the beauty of their growing family but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in my photography journey. While I say goodbye to Pensacola's sugar-sand shores, I'm so excited to continue capturing breathtaking beach maternity photoshoots in the sun-kissed beaches in San Diego, California!

If you're on this journey to parenthood, or if you want to capture your family's love story on the SoCal area, contact me below and let's create some memories!!