This was one of my final photoshoots in Pensacola before my husband and I moved to San Diego, California.

I had the honor of capturing Kelsey and Adam's maternity photos for their first baby. :)

There's nothing more beautiful than the glow of a mother-to-be!! But pair that with the glow and colors of the most stunning sunrise I've ever witnessed in Pensacola, you get these movie-like, ethereal photos that I'll forever be drooling over.

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful and warm water, and the sky was practically painted in golds and pinks. It felt like the beach was putting on a welcome show for baby girl.

A core memory was seeing the way Adam looked so adoringly at Kelsey when we were taking solo shots of her. Who could blame him when his wife is looking like an absolute goddess-mermaid!! They were clearly so excited about this chapter in their lives and it brought the warmest energy to the session.

This session shows just one of the reasons that I love sunrise photoshoots... first of all we had almost the entire beach to ourselves. Secondly, I mean... look at these colors and that glow. You truly can't beat a Pensacola beach sunrise. Oh my goodness, Kelsey and Adam, I will never forget this day.