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taylor nations

hi there!!!

My name is Taylor, and I'm a Pensacola photographer 

chasing dramatic light and heartfelt celebrations 

across the globe.




As a Pensacola photographer who grew up in Arizona, I’ve experienced just about as much sunshine as I have cozy southern hospitality. And while a sunshiny wedding day is any bride’s dream, there’s just something about a radiant white gown against a stormy sky that can’t be beat. 

Known for my ability to capture a mood before it vanishes in a blink and create art out of even the most challenging lighting scenarios (bring on all the direct sunlight and late-night candlelit venues!), my photography captures more than moments. It captures feelings.

But don’t let all this moody talk fool ya! What I’m most known for is the absolute joy that floods the experience from the moment you book! And who wouldn’t be joyful when your work never feels like work because you get to spend your Saturdays telling love stories. But I do take a weekend off every now and then to slip into sweats and bake or be creative (snuggled up with my pitbull, Mako, of course!) while watching Friends for the millionth time. But I also never say no to getting dressed up for dinner and drinks downtown with my closest besties or a walk on the sugar-sand Gulf coast with my husband.

Want to come dance in the rain, snow, wind, or sunshine with me? Let’s create some magic together