Univeristy of arizona spring 2023


Hi there!!

I'm on the hunt for an associate shooter for the spring season of graduation at the University of Arizona!!

I'm a full-time wedding photographer based out of Pensacola, Florida. But every year I head back to the U of A for the busiest season of my life!! Last year I had over 130 graduation photoshoots at the U of A, so I'm looking to change things up a bit this year by being there for less time and taking on less shoots personally, hence why I'm looking for a wonderful associate!!

I'm looking for someone who is very eager, willing to learn, energetic and excited to work with people and create!!

Being an associate shooter can be a GREAT opportunity for someone who is starting out in the photography industry and wants to learn from the inside while making some money. You'll be able to get content, knowledge, and experience all while getting paid for it. Graduation season at the U of A is such an amazing industry to dip your toe into; it is such a great opportunity to earn money during one portion of the year and then transition back into weddings, families, maternity, etc. for the remainder of the year!!

Please fill out the application below and we can schedule a time to do a call and see if you would be a good fit to join the Taylor Nations Photography team!! :)


What will I be doing as an associate shooter?

As my associate shooter you will be assigned photoshoots based on clients wanting to work with my brand.

You are in charge of showing up, running the shoot, and delivering the photos to me to edit!

Will this include training?

Yes!! We will do some training calls, I will have you shadow me for a grad shoot in December, and then we will put on a grad shoot for you where I can watch/help you!! Then we'll meet to discuss that shoot. There will be SO much learning involved and it will be great and so fun!!

Will I be able to keep the photos and edit them for my portfolio?

YES!! This is a huge benefit to associate shooting.

What are the other benefits of associate shooting?

1. You get to work with ideal clients and practice serving them well!

2. You get to learn the business from the inside.
You will be able to shadow me, learn about shooting, posing, client experience, etc.!!

3. All the fun without the work!!
You are only responsible for shooting the session (and making it a great time of course!). It's an amazing way to practice and build your portfolio.

4. Extra money for you!!

5. Get your questions answered from me.

6. Improve your client experience.

7. Increase your network.

Can I still run my own photography business while I associate shoot for you?

Yes absolutely!!

Do I have to do the scheduling and client communication?

I will do all of the booking and client communication for you.

How much will I get paid?

You will be getting paid $100/hour (aka $100 per photoshoot!)
Such good side money!!